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Inventory it is a very important operation. To have real information about the stock it is necessary to organize an inventory from time to time. When you have few SKU in portfolio, the inventory operations it is a simple jobs, but when you have few hundreds or thousands SKU’s the inventory operations may be a really headache. If you have hundreds of SKU, depends on the way that you were organizing the stock, an inventory operation may take you few days.

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Pick by light

Pick by light it is a solution which can help you to improve the productivity in your warehouse. This solution increases the productivity because the picker has both of the hands free and can pick faster the items on the order.
Pick by light solution is very good for warehouse which has small SKU and big number of SKU’s. Pharmacy warehouse and automotive warehouse can be good examples for this solution – pick by light.
I want to present you a short movie of our partner VELTIONoptimum with Aberon solution.

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