Superficial management

Let’s suppose that you are a general manager in a company, and one of yours employee (let’s call him man1) comes to you and said that he cannot solve a task because another employee from another department (let’s call him man2) do not made his job and man1 cannot solve the task because it is block by the man2.

In some of the companies in this situation GM said that man1 solve the problem because he have the task and he must to solve it. This is a very bad management decision because the man1 cannot have the tools to motivate or force man2 to made his jobs. In this case man1 will become frustrating in very short period of time and GM can put him in a very difficult situation. In most of the cases man1 do not solve the problem and he try too hide this till someone ask again how the task was solved. This is the worst situation for the company and for clients because one problem witch is not solve in time will affect clients soon.

Another situation is when a man1 identify a problem and said the problem to the top management but this problem cannot be solve easily by man1, but can be solve with less effort by man2. Because the man2 it is not so involved in the company business like man1 the GM give the problem to be solved by man1 (the same person that identify the problem), in most of the case this person have more information about the problem than any other person in the company because he collect some data before to tell the problem to senior managers. I face with this kind of decision many times in my activity. This is another examples of bad management decision. In this case man1, witch is a employee who want to solve the problem that he saw in the company, next time when he saw a problem do not tell this problem to the management because he know that he must to solve the problem even it is not in his primary focus and in his job description.

Also in this case the company loose because this problem affect the client or you spend more money to atop the problem to affect the clients. In many cases the top managers do not know this kind of problems and they don’t think that kind of problems exist in their company.

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