Procedure or result

A general manager of a company ask me last week what I prefer: procedure or result. I ask, with no doubt, that I prefer result through procedure. I think this is the best way that the managers must use. A result without procedure is a result cannot be replicated and it is a happy hazard.

Many small companies look to obtain result in any conditions without procedure the process through obtain the results. A procedure give you the assurance that you can obtain the same result every time, and the results is independent by the man who execute the procedure. If you made procedure you may reduce the dependence of the employee and you can replace a employee who leave the company in short term.

Even in the small companies the replicable results is obtain using procedure, but this procedure is not formalize and it is not in a standard format. In many cases the procedure is bad or it is not followed and because of that the desire results is not achieved. In this case the management is disappointed and and employee is and employees are demoralized.

You need another secret ingredient to obtain results through procedure: discipline. Discipline and control give you the assurance the the procedure is followed, and a good and followed procedure give you the assurance that you will achieve the same results every time.

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