Free WMS solution for your business

I start to work on a WMS solution and i will offer free to company which need it. As you already know i am a consultant in logistics and supply chain and i work in the last 7 years with more than 60 companies help them to become more efficient in logistic, supply chain and operations andĀ help them to significant improve their financial bottom line. This is the consultancy experience in the past i work more than 10 years in different companies on different management level.

As you already know I also do programming activities based on free web programming environment: PHP, MySQL, HTML etc. The most recent software solution that i build isWebInventorythe solution which helps you to made inventory with mobile phone. I made software solution for more than 6 years and I have different project in those years.
Based on this experience i decide to start build a free WMS solution, and in at the begging at this month I start to work on this project. After 1 week I already finish the administrative module, module which allows you to define clients, products, cell, suppliers etc. Because i want to be very transparent I put all the project online, so you can see the evolution on the project as long as i develop. The free WMS solution offer support in 2 languages: Romanian and English for the beginning, but the solution is design to support very easy as many languages as you wish as long as we have the translation. Into the database i have a language table and we add there as many languages as we wish very easy.
I want to made this solution very flexible to be fit on many industries with small or no modification. For now, I will create the form to define supplier and products, and each product can be defined as Ambient, Temperature controlled and special, based on this criterion each product will have different flow into the future module. Also, it is allowed to define cell, each cell will assign to a specific zone and you can define as many zones you wish. The zone is important because you can have multiple ones with different function into your warehouse. Also, you can define multiple branches (or warehouses into application). Another feature will be to assign different products with different cells, or to leave the cell dissociated with products. If you associated cell with products free WMS solution will allows you to put only those products in those cells, otherwise you can put any products in any cells.
The solution will be modular and it will allow you to install on your server or in a cloud server. It will have user with different level of access in application and each user can see free WMS solution in their own language, if the language is supported into the application.

If you want to try the solution I create a free account for test: username demoen and password demo123.

The project can be followed here: htpp://

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