5 steps to form a team

Supply chain and logistics operations requires, in most of a time, a team work. You must work in a team with your company colleges, but sometime you may also work in a team with people from other organisation.

If you want to perform the performance of your team it is very important. If you have a team witch s not stable and the people do not work together it is very difficult to achieve the tasks and to obtain performance. For this reason, you, as a team leader, must to consolidate the team and made them to work together like a single person. This job – team forming – it is a permanent one, because more or less people leave the team and, some times, you must to insert a new member in a team and this member can be accepted by the team. A smooth and easy way to create a team is to know the next 5 steps to forma a team:

1. Forming – is the first step of the process. In this step the people from the team start to know each other, they analyze each other and they are polite and positive. Some of them can be an anxious because they are involve in a new tasks and they do not know the other team member. In this stage you, as a team leader, have an important role: to made them know each other and transmit to the people the role of the team and the tasks. This period it is a short one and they pass to the next stage: storming.

2. Storming – it is a normal stage of forming a team and it is a natural way. Even if you do not like this process steps  you cannot pass this step. Al you can do is to do it smoothly and shrink it as it is possible. In this step member of the team start to fight each other and also start to fight with you and challenge your position. In this step team member start to conquer their position and start to have frequent fights. Some of the members start to complains about how much they work compare with other team members, some of the members start to be uncomfortable with the approach and other try to put some barriers to achieve the tasks. In this steps many team fails. If the team leader is not a strong one and it is not recognize by the team the member of the team fight all the time for different reason (sometimes this reason is stupid) and the team will fails. If the team pass this step enter in the next stage – norming.

3. Norming – it is the stable stage of the team. In this stage the team are stable and clear hierarchy was establish. Every team member find its area and clear understand what is its role in the team. In this stage the team works together, help each other to perform and take the critics like a way to solve problems and achieve the team goals. They start to socialize and they stat to see the progress of the team. When a new tasks come the team will balanced between Storming and norming stage, but the transition from storming to norming will be smoothly and faster.

4. Performing – in this stage the team is ready to perform. In this stage the evolution of the tasks it is faster and the team working together like a person. They know each other very well (team member) and some times they work with no team leader. In this stage if one member leave the team it will not affect the team performance. In this stage you (as a team leader) can delegate more of the operational tasks and you can focus on the team development. Being part of the team can be a easy job compare with what was in the previous stage.

5. Adjourning – in this stage the team was breaking up. For some of the team member this stage can be very frustrating because they made some personal connection with other team member and because the future job will not be what they desire. In this stage you must give the team possibilities to celebrate they achievements and also give them the trust that you will work together in the future and this can be a good thing because the people have past experience in a team.

If you are a team leader and want to build a strong and performing team you must controlled all of this stage, In every stage you must act so that the problems create inside the team to be fair and clear solved. You must be involved in a team with all your resource and find witch is the motivation factor for every person in the team and use this factor wisely.

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