Electric car power by batteries has no future

Electric car powered by batteries has limited future for my point of view and I explain you why. This is the technology that Tesla and hybrid car use to power the electric engine. As you already know it is a lot of lithium batteries inside the car which accumulate the electric power and then use it to move the car and power electric and electronic device on the car.

This technology has 2 more disadvantages and all of this is connected with the batteries. First of all is the charge problems and autonomy. This 2 are related one of each other. If you want more autonomy you must have more batteries, more batteries mean more time to charge and more money to pay for that. Even if you use fast charge if you want more power this means more time to recharge, that means you cannot use the car till the battery are not recharge (or you can use it by having less autonomy). This is the biggest problem of 100% electric cars power by batteries.

The second problem for my point of view is the cost of the batteries. After a period of time all the batteries (3-5 years) will lose capacity to store energy and it may replace. This cost is very high for a normal user of the car. If you buy a new electric car maybe it will be not necessary to replace the battery in the first 5-6 years, but after that if you want to sell it the new owner knows that he will must replace the batteries in the next few years so this will be a huge cost for him. I think, based on this, that it should be very difficult to sell a 100% electric car or if you succeed to sell it the price will be very low, significant low than the internal combustion engine car. But, for my point of view an electric car powered by batteries will be very difficult to sell it in the future. If you think that the price of the batteries will decrease you made a mistake because the lithium is a rare metal and the resources are not infinite. Already Tesla and BMW say that they buy a huge amount of lithium to secure their batteries production.

The hybrid car is also an alternative because it has no high cost to replace the batteries and if you do not want to replace the batteries you can also use the car, but Toyota which is the leader of this technology and they use and improve this technology for more than 20 years made another choice and they sell this technology to BMW. Toyota do not abandon the electric car but they start to produce this using hydrogen as a fuel. This technology develop by Honda for the first time seems to be the solution for electric cars. This technology use hydrogen and oxygen to produce electric current and then to power electric engine. The technology is clean and safe even the hydrogen is a very explosive substance, but the fuel tank that develop by Toyota is very safe. Toyota develop Mirai and it is a hit in some Asian country especially Japan.

Using hydrogen, the refuel is just like a normal gasoline car and also the autonomy, and the cost with battery replacement or other expensive parts after some period of time is the same like normal gasoline cars. I think this one of the reason that they decide to sell hybrid technology to BMW and concrete all the effort to hydrogen powered cars.

This is the future of electric cars for my point of view because solve all of the problems that batteries powers car has and also is clean technology and easy to use. All the technology hydrogen and batteries have the same problems with refuel network but this will be solving into the future.

2 thoughts on “Electric car power by batteries has no future

  1. Andrew hickey

    You have made the mistake of not taking into account the fact that the way we drive now will not be how we drive in the future .You seem to be assuming a straight swap between the types of power for normal users. I would be more focused on how the use of personal transport will change over time and how these changes will suit an electric drive train. For example many household 2nd cars have very little general use beyond local shopping taking the children to school or other local community activities. Running around going 200ks a week would be an easy conversion to full electric with any recharge done overnight . At this level of use the battery life would be extensive and little cost for a garage based charge station. Commuting to a public transport interchange would fall into the same category. I agree there are barriers to interstate use, long commutes or towing but then this type of travel will also have to change over time as travel types have changed historically . Walking to horse to steam train to steam and electric cars to petrol and diesel back to electric. The only certain thing is that change will happen.

    1. admin Post author

      I agree with you regarding the local use of an electric car, but I focus more on technology than the use. I try to said that this technology it has no future because of the limitation that it has, but for sure it will be used in the future for certain nice, like tablets for example (tablets find their nice after the boom, remember that anybody wants a tablet and now the tablets are use only for specific activities and people can live without tablets). I car like this is not cheap and if you want to buy one of this maybe you can search for some other technology because it is possible that you cannot resell this car in the future or the resell price will be very low. But if you afford t buy a car like that and some tens of thousands of euros represent for you only peanuts it is ok to buy it.


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