Connect different software solution (WMS with ERP)

Some times in the operational activities it is necessary to decide what software solution you may buy. If you have an ERP solution already implemented in the company and you want to buy a WMS solution you have 2 choice:

1.Buy a WMS module from a ERP software developer;

2.Buy a standalone WMS solutions;

Any of this has advantages and disadvantages, but not for that I want to talk in this post.  Sometimes you decide to buy a WMS module from ERP software developer because you want to have all integrated in a single solution. The integration is a must for every company, but if you buy a standalone WMS doesn’t means that you do not have integration. Every WMS can communicate with any ERP solutions in 2 ways: directly into database (that means that every applications connect with no restriction to a database of the other application) and extract data or put data into the database or, using an EDI connection. EDI means electronic data interchange and it is used when you cannot access directly the other applications database. This will happens when your applications want to be connected with your client applications and no one of you do not want (for security reason) to give access to another to the database. In this case on each server is creating a script (a small program) which is interrogating from time to time from another server and this script return data that the other server request in a different format. The most common format that is used in this kind of communications is: csv, xml, json etc.

The disadvantage of EDI systems is that the server cannot exchange data in real time but they exchange data is pseudo-real time. This means that time can be set-up to be 1secudes in theory, but in real life this value must have higher value to not crash the server.

So in any case if you decide to buy a WMS solution it is not a technical restriction when you try to integrate 2 software solutions in the same organizations and you can have the data in real time in both of the solutions.

When you try to integrate the solution with your customers it is a little technical problems because you cannot have data in real time in both of the application, but you can have it in pseudo-real time which, in most of the case, is more than enough.

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