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Solve missing bare code from suppliers

Before to start implementing a WMS solution it is netter to made an audit of your organization to see how prepared is to make the next step. One of the key problem of a WMS solution it is the barcode. When you made the audit, you must see if all your products have a barcode on it and if the small selling unit has a barcode on it.

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Electric car power by batteries has no future

Electric car powered by batteries has limited future for my point of view and I explain you why. This is the technology that Tesla and hybrid car use to power the electric engine. As you already know it is a lot of lithium batteries inside the car which accumulate the electric power and then use it to move the car and power electric and electronic device on the car.

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Free WMS solution for your business

I start to work on a WMS solution and i will offer free to company which need it. As you already know i am a consultant in logistics and supply chain and i work in the last 7 years with more than 60 companies help them to become more efficient in logistic, supply chain and operations andĀ help them to significant improve their financial bottom line. This is the consultancy experience in the past i work more than 10 years in different companies on different management level.

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Simple way to protect against ransomware

It is a simple way to protect your company against ransomware attack. Ransomware is not new, but it becomes new focus internet security in the last 2 years because of the massive attack scale.

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WebInventory – your inventory assistant

WebInventory - inventory made easy

WebInventory – inventory made easy

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