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Free WMS solution for your business

I start to work on a WMS solution and i will offer free to company which need it. As you already know i am a consultant in logistics and supply chain and i work in the last 7 years with more than 60 companies help them to become more efficient in logistic, supply chain and operations andĀ help them to significant improve their financial bottom line. This is the consultancy experience in the past i work more than 10 years in different companies on different management level.

As you already know I also do programming activities based on free web programming environment: PHP, MySQL, HTML etc. The most recent software solution that i build isWebInventorythe solution which helps you to made inventory with mobile phone. I made software solution for more than 6 years and I have different project in those years.
Based on this experience i decide to start build a free WMS solution, and in at the begging at this month I start to work on this project. After 1 week I already finish the administrative module, module which allows you to define clients, products, cell, suppliers etc. Because i want to be very transparent I put all the project online, so you can see the evolution on the project as long as i develop. The free WMS solution offer support in 2 languages: Romanian and English for the beginning, but the solution is design to support very easy as many languages as you wish as long as we have the translation. Into the database i have a language table and we add there as many languages as we wish very easy.
I want to made this solution very flexible to be fit on many industries with small or no modification. For now, I will create the form to define supplier and products, and each product can be defined as Ambient, Temperature controlled and special, based on this criterion each product will have different flow into the future module. Also, it is allowed to define cell, each cell will assign to a specific zone and you can define as many zones you wish. The zone is important because you can have multiple ones with different function into your warehouse. Also, you can define multiple branches (or warehouses into application). Another feature will be to assign different products with different cells, or to leave the cell dissociated with products. If you associated cell with products free WMS solution will allows you to put only those products in those cells, otherwise you can put any products in any cells.
The solution will be modular and it will allow you to install on your server or in a cloud server. It will have user with different level of access in application and each user can see free WMS solution in their own language, if the language is supported into the application.

If you want to try the solution I create a free account for test: username demoen and password demo123.

The project can be followed here: htpp://

Simple way to protect against ransomware

It is a simple way to protect your company against ransomware attack. Ransomware is not new, but it becomes new focus internet security in the last 2 years because of the massive attack scale.

Before you invest tens of thousands of dollars in cyber security solution I advise you to perform some simple steps which reduce the risk of infection with more than 85%. This simple step does not cost any money and you already have the resources in your company to implement it.

First step is a reactive step and I think you already applied it complete or partially. This first step is to have backup to all your important data and I think most of the companies already have this. But it is not enough to have this. You must be sure that the backup can be restored correctly and after restore all the important applications works well. This step is not implement periodically into the company and the company do not have clear calendar for this. I advise you to restore the backup periodically and to be use that all restore data works well.

I do not talk here about having all systems up to date and to have an antivirus solution (I recommend Bitdefender which is a good Romanian made solution, they build right now Bitdefender box, a router with security solution build in which can protect all your connected device).

The other step that I advise you to perform is a proactive step. This step consists in a training process to all your employee, this training must be focus to not open email that can be have suspicions. You must learn your employee how it can identify suspicious email from legitim one. You must teach them to look for email address not only for name of person who send an email. If the email address has a suspicious domain they must forward that email to the IT department and never, never click on link or open attachments. This training process is very simple if IT department made a video and share with all your employee and then see witch employee do not see the movie. Statistics told us that more and more of this cyber infection attack is based on the user action. If you train your employee you reduce the risk of infection with 85%.

But you must do not stop at this step. On certain period of time your IT department must send fake email to all your employees to see how many employees click on the email link and open the attachments. For those people you must train again and all this process must be repeat every few months.

After you implement this in your company then you must take in consideration to invest tens of thousands of dollars in cyber security solution which will cover the rest of 15% of risk. If you do not train your people all the cyber security solution that you buy it to protect against infection it does not work for long period of time. The week portion in this chain in security is your people and if you have poor train people you have a big security gap and no solution can protect against this gap.

WebInventory – your inventory assistant

WebInventory - inventory made easy

WebInventory – inventory made easy

WebInventory is a web application which help you to made inventory in a easy way. I am a business consultant in logistics and I develop WebInventory use all that experience that I have it from consultancy.

Web Inventory is a web application based on PHP and is platform independent, this means that you can use this application with any operating systems who has a modern web browser. I design WebInventory to be used with mobile phone so being platform independent you can use all operating systems to perform inventory.

Because you can use this application with mobile phone without install any application on the phone you are not limited like now in the inventory process. Most limitation in the inventory process if you want to reduce the time is because of the number of the people (if you do not use barcode people that you use on the inventory process must know the products) and the barcode scanner if you use barcode to identify your products. WebInventory cancel all this limitation because if you use barcode you can scan barcode using the phone camera and you cannot limited by the barcode scanner because every people has a smartphone and this smartphone can be used with WebInventory. You are not limited by the number of people in case that you do not use barcode to identify the products and use name of the products because WebInventory has a smart way to help people to choose the right products and avoid mistakes.

How it works?

First of all you must create users, each users belongs to a branch and each users have the specific role. First role is the administrator, administrator is the key user of the applications and can do everything in the application. The second role is the supervisor role. This role is supervising the teams in the branch on the inventory process. This role has limited wrights in the application. The last role is the picker role and this is the people witch inventory the products.

One or more picker it can be grouped in teams and application give you all the reports based on the team activity in each branch.

So, first step is that administrators create teams in each branch and second step is to create teams.

Then administrator must upload the inventory products into applications. It exports the products from the ERP using a csv format and then it can upload this product, using WebInventory interface, into WebINvetory database. This list of products represents the inventory base.

After that the inventory process can start.

Picker takes his mobile phone open a web browser and login in the application using the user name and password that the administrator sends him from WebInventory.

After the picker login in the application he can choose witch in the element which identify the products and can use barcode, name of the products or product code. After this first choice the application remember what picker choose and it is not necessary to choose again.

Then he must to choose the cell location, cell must be a warehouse, a shop, a cell in the warehouse or whatever you choose to be. For example, a company which have small shops in the same town, the cell can be the shop, or if you have a big warehouse cell can be the cell location in the shelves.

If picker choose to use barcode after he choose the cell application ask picker to scan barcode or to type product name if picker choose this option. After picker type first 3 character of the name application starts to find relevant products in the database and show options to the picker. If choose barcode using phone camera can scan barcode of the products.

After that application ask to insert the number of products that it find in the cell. It is a blind inventory; the picker and supervisor cannot see the quantity of products in the cell and they must insert a value that find in the cell. The application verifies this quantity with the quantity that have in the database and if this quantity march let the picker go to the next products, if the quantity do not match tell picker this and let him insert a new quantity. It let the picker made this process 3 times if the quantities do not march. If the also the 3-rd time the quantity do not match let the picker go to the next products and send a error message to the supervisor.

Supervisor must go and inventory himself all the products with wrong quantities. In this way all inventory problems solve very quickly and efficient and you will not lose time after finish the inventory to re inventory the problem products.

Application let the supervisor and administrator to see the evolution on the inventory and evolution of each team in real time. They can see how many products was inventory from total products, how many mistakes each team made etc.

In this way all the error can be correct in real time, for example: if 1 team has more mistakes than other team you can see this and can investigate why is happens this and correct efficiently.

After the inventory was finish the applications provide you inventory reports (actually there are 5 different report which can help you to see the inventory results). All this report can be export in csv format and import then in the ERP software.

Because of the process that I describe before WebInventory helps you to see all the inventory process, correct the mistakes efficient and reduce the inventory time for each branch.

WebInventory works on our servers so it is not necessary to install anything or have IT skills team members, it Is fully automatized, all the operations is made by you and by your team without external intervention. WebInventory support only English language at the moment and you can access it here: Inventory appplication.

For using WebInventory you must pay an yearly fee and this yearly fee is dependent by the number of products that you have. For example, for 300 products you can pay 1 US Dollar for each product, and If you have more than 500 products you will pay 0.75 US dollar per products, if you have more than 5000 products you will pay 0.5 US dollar per products.

For 2 branches you pay 10% more for this price, for 5 branches you will pay 25% more, for more than 10 Branches you pay 50% more for each product.

For personalized offer please contact me at robert[at]