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Push back racking system

In some warehouse i saw many times dive in racking systems. It is a good system for those who cannot use, for different reason, FIFO. This system reduce waste space into the warehouse and can be useful for many industries. It have some disadvantages but it is a good racking system. For those who do not not how a drive in racking system works i advise to see this short movie:

Working with this kind of racking systems create some problems in the future because the forklift driver will hit the racking system and in time this will create problems. Even if the forklift driver it is a good one, because the tight space it will hit the racking system in different area. Another disadvantage is that this racking system requires long time to place the pallets into the position. This long time is required because the forklift driver must drive with low speed and very carefully inside the drive in racking system.
To prevent this it is create a new systems call push back racking system. It can replace the traditional drive in racking system, have the same advantage of the drive in system but do not have the disadvantages that i present previously, because the forklift driver it is not necessary to enter with the forklift inside the racking system to place the pallet. He put the pallet like in a traditional raking system and push the pallet in the back. This system will increase the speed and preserve the racking systems in good condition. For those who do not know how this systems works i invite them to see the following movie:

Best Driver

I do not see something like this in my life. This guy deserve to win the: “The best truck driver in the world”, if such a reward exist. For most of the drivers to  turn that truck can be a big challenge, but this guy is fantastic.

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Cloud and supply chain

Starting 2 or 3 years ago many people discuss about the cloud. Some voice said that many of the company will migrate to this kind of services in the next few years. I try, in this post to explain some of the concepts and also to offer you my opinion about the cloud service.

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5 steps to form a team

Supply chain and logistics operations requires, in most of a time, a team work. You must work in a team with your company colleges, but sometime you may also work in a team with people from other organisation.

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